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Film & documentary

Various projects I've produced, written and sometimes even edited. 

A stop in Hanoi

A brief, quick collage of thoughts and images of three days in Hanoi, 2015.

Mandy Yin: Sambal Shiok

Mandy talks about learning to cook and how she came to start Sambal Shiok, a Malaysian street food business.

Filmed by Caroline Teo | Edited by Angela Nightengale

In conversation with Dan Doherty

As part of the Chefs of Tomorrow project, Dan & I talk about how it all began.

Filmed & edited by Ming Tang-Evans

Interview with chef Alex Dome

As part of the Chefs of Tomorrow project, I interviewed Alex Dome, chef de partie at Petersham Nurseries.

Filmed by Ming Tang-Evans

For more Chefs of Tomorrow films, have a look at our YouTube channel.

Medium Height
May 2007

No Voice

An experiment with words and images. 

June 2010

Filmed by Benjamin Robers, performed by Zoe Alyssa Cooper

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