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Sometimes I have a rant on twitter. A lot of the time these are ideas that I hold dear to me, but am trying to process. Writing, saying them out loud, via the medium of social media, is a good way to do this. If they are food related I then try to do is collate and post these thoughts on my blog called 'Talking About Food'.

I am trying to do this more often. I forget mainly. But will endeavour to be better, as we all do.

Talking about Food is food focused, and very much a stream of consciousness. There are typos, and many mistakes. This space feels a little more polished (although, I am someone who sorely needs a sub-editor, therefore its as polished as a dyslexic can be).

But I would like to use this moment to point you in the direction of Talking About Food, for ranting side of my life.

ps. I don't rant, I ponder - forcefully.

pps. I need to add more pictures Talking About Food, but I've forgotten how to log in, I only know how to email the posts.

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