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Writing in the time of corona

I have a new writing spot - please come join me there. It is HERE.

Being a freelance writer sucks right now. A tricky gig at the best of times, but neigh on impossible now. I was getting to the point of having some regular commissions and editors I worked with, but it turns out they were not solid enough relationships to survive a turn down in publishing. Which I understand. I also seem to have lost the little ability I had, to be able to pitch an idea.

BUT, I am still writing, I have a lot to say.

For this period, maybe beyond, I am resurrecting my blog.

I want to stay focused on food and drinks and how that intersects with race and gender (in particular). This space encompasses examples of a number of my writing endeavours - hence the resurrection of a dedicated food and drinks space, which I would like to add happened on Easter Sunday, so, you know, GOOD THINGS TO COME. The saviour, of hopefully me.

I think that work begets work, and I hope this is what will happen.

In the meantime, if you do like my work you can help me survive this period by donating. Money I receive will be directly related to specific pieces I write; if donations aren't anonymous, I will dedicate the pieces to the specific people - like patrons.

I don't believe in a system where individual save individuals, but that is the system we live in, and I am grateful for the incredible kindness I have received so far.

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