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A selection of published pieces

Published Articles List

a selection...


How Pepper Changed the World (Guardian)

People, Place and Produce (Good Beer Hunting)

Why has British food shocked the US (BBC)

Restaurants as Start Signs (Eater London)

Petrol is not a  Personality (Sir Kensington Integrity Report)

A Candid Conversation about Patriarchy in the Restaurant industry (RESY)

A Land of Rice & History: to role of tuak in Sarawak, Malaysia (Good Beer Hunting)

Jamie Oliver is veering into cultural appropriation. Because he’s Jamie Oliver (CNN)

The Union Between Restaurants & Charities (RESY)

Celebrating The Labour of ESEA Women (RESY)

Why Can't British TV Represent East + SE Asian Food? (GAL-DEM)

The Future is Lettuce (SANDWICH MAGAZINE) 

What Gordon Ramsey's New Restaurant Says Cultural Appropriation in 2019 (GAL-DEM)

Sources of Support: women-led food networks (VITTLES)

A Californian Farmer (SANDWICH MAG)

The Evolution of Whisky (MR PORTER)


A Match Made in Hemp (CAFFEINE MAGAZINE) 

Why Prosecco is Rivalling Champagne This Winter (MR PORTER)

The Designer Making High Art Out of Food Waste (MR PORTER)

Food On The Edge: a community (CODE QUARTERLY)

Eating Animals (LONDON COURIER)


Cooking Home and Complicating Nostalgia (CRUST MAGAZINE) 

Sarawak Pepper: Coming Home

(YES & NO)

Profile & features for London Resy (RESY)

Britain's First Chef's Table Star: Asma Khan (EATER LONDON)

Taste of Place: WRC podcast


Writer and host of Whetstone Radio Collective podcast, launched September 2022. 

This podcast explores colonialism, traces trade routes, meets pepper farmers, discovers spice molecules and delves into the mysteries of perfume. A narrative podcast that aims to untangle our understanding of the past and investigate our relationship with nostalgia, with the taste of pepper as the thread.

Chinese and Other Asian: a book


To be published in Spring 2025 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, this book will explore the identity and experience of East & South East Asian communities in the UK, contextualising history with contemporary lives. 


Through the box ticking of identity forms, bureaucracy has enabled a vast and varied identity to be swept into homogeneity. This book looks to unpick these narratives. 

CONVERSATION + other poetry

Limited edition collaboration with photographer Katherine Leedale:


Poetry predominantly written for performance.  I have  performed in London, Berlin and Malaysia. 

My poetry has been published in various independent publications.

Listen here Anna reading her poem Eyes Closed Against The Night, written for At The Table issue 2, read at Voices At The Table 

Don't sing in the kitchen, you'll marry an old man

A play about a Malaysian woman in London. We're developing it through performance. 

A one woman show that involves cooking and feeding the audience. 

This is the website about the project. 


A dystopian play about two sisters who are climate change asylum migrants, who move to the London / a large city on a prosperous island.

This short play was developed with the Arcola Theatre, where it had a rehearsed play reading. 

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