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At the beginning of 2014 I completed my practice-based PhD in post colonial feminism theory and performance art - titled: FROM THE JUNGLE: Iban performance practice, migration and identity.


My thesis work is collated here. Read my abstract here. Read the introduction of my thesis here. If brave, here is my whole thesis!







From the jungle we come, in the jungle we stay. 

Carrying home with us in a handful of water; The river that takes us, returns us and moves us. 

My story, your story, our story, bound together from the same beginning, changing as time and space moves us apart.


I’ll tell you my story and you tell me yours. 

And we’ll sit together and talk of days I don’t remember and you can’t forget…

You tell me how it all used to be and ask why it had to change. 


Where did you go? And why did you leave? 


You ask again and again. 

At least you returned, no matter the time, 

At least you returned, my child, my sister, my friend.












All photos by Katherine Leedale. 


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