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My open letter to Kit Harrington

Dear Kit,

In regards to this comment, articulated in the Guardian piece.

What you're referring to is objectification. You're objecting to objectification, which is fine. You're allowed to not like it, feel uncomfortable about it, protest against it. But, objectifying you (and men in general) doesn't mean we (society) will not take you seriously, or see you / men as incapable of intelligence, incapable of complex emotions, as someone who couldn't run a company (etc).

When women get objectified it feeds into an already existing narrative that women are only worth their physical parts. That's why that is sexism, not what you're experiencing. And although you're worried you'll get typecast, let me point out that already you've played a plethora of roles with characters of complex nature, so as a white dude, you are able to break the mould, where a woman typecast as 'the hottie' wouldn't.

So no Kit, it is not sexist to objectify you. But by all means do say if you feel uncomfortable - just understand it's worse for others, this objectification. Semantics, but important.

I write to you with love and kindness, and understanding.


The 'others'

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